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Free Quilt Patterns
From History

Here you will find quilt patterns like the ones that women shared with each other in days gone by. I've used Electric Quilt 6 software to design these free patterns for you. With each one you will discover a bit of history that will give you a sense of what the pattern meant to quilters of the past.
Quilt Patterns of America's Pioneers
Civil War Quilt Patterns for Reenactors
20 Quilt Blocks with Biblical Names
Colonial Revival Quilts of the 1920s & 30s

Patterns in magazines and newspaper or even for sale were not common until the last half of the 19th century. The main way quilt patterns were spread was by women sharing them between friends and family. This continued to be common even after they were available through print media.

In looking at the history of a quilt blockļæ½s name it turns out that there is usually more than one name for any given quilt pattern and often there is more than one pattern with the same name. So don't be surprised if some of the patterns or names on this site are different than the ones you know. It's all just the result of their being passed from women to women over so many years.

"Historical, geographical, botanical, and comical - Names that sparkle with a hint of imagination - add much to the charm of the finished quilt."    Carrie A. Hall, 1935.

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